Ben Nolan


Formaflo Operations Leader

Ben has spent his entire life around the polymer floor resin industry. Being from Arkansas, virtually every member of his immediate family has been involved with industrial flooring installation companies or food processors at one point or another. When he was a teenager, Ben was part of a training crew for a resin manufacturer that would help customers the manufacturer's products where he was able to see the common mistakes that installers make in industrial settings.

Due to no barrier to entry, the enormous amount of resinous flooring contractor options can be overwhelming. Ben has found that many industrial facilities have bad experiences with flooring contractors or feel that they are talking to used car salesmans. He established Formaflo with the goal to provide a differentiating service and result with easy workablity and to become "an extension" of your operations.

Ben started his company at the age of 20 and has also worked as an independent contracting consultant for other reputable flooring companies. He has experience managing and negotiating projects from start-to-finish in both brownfield and greenfield expansion, new construction, and existing facility repairs for numerous global brands. He is OSHA 30-hour certified as a project manager.


As a service provider, Formaflo focuses on straight forward 24/7 communication, customizing our work to your needs, and delivering a tremendous work result with no worry on your end. We are a loyal supplier who seeks out loyal customers.

You can contact Ben directly at (502) 395-8315 or Contact Ben

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"My goal is to create a business where people really want to work, learn rare new skills, and be proud to be apart of. It's about developing into an elite unit as a group and do special things. 

Today, this type of workplace is nearly non-existent and becoming even more difficult to find."

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